Jungle Walk

Getting close to nature, knowing about flora and fauna is the best the thing you can get in a jungle walk of Bardia. The best time to view the wildlife is either in the morning or in the evening. However, it depends upon animal themselves whether they will show up or not but in season we can encounter different species of birds and animal in Baridia.

Elephant Safari

The most unforgettable moment will be sitting in a wooden chair at the top of the elephant and observing the view and life of nature and wildlife of Bardia. Elephant safari is one the best way to see and observe the beauty and the beast. The friendly demeanor of elephant of Bardia will make your safari more happening.

Jeep Safari

Experiencing the off-road drive is another way to explore the view of bardia and its wildlife. The fastest way to explore the beauty and wildlife of Bardia Nationa Park is through the Jeep Safari, it allows you to visit the core and corner of the jungle in a short span of time which indeed will be one of the best experiences you can ever have in Bardia.

Bicycle Tour

Bicycle is one the easy and famous ride in Bardia. To experience the local ride and observe the living of the people of bardia and the wildlife on its way is to have a bicycle tour. Local bicycles are easily available for you to explore the village of Bardia. Moreover, you can have bicycle tour with a guide or also can have it without a guide.

Fishing Tour

The Karnali River is one of the longest and largest river of mid-west Nepal, there you can find a habitat of many fish. In Bardia, the most sought after sport fish in these rivers is called “The Himalayan Mahseer”, a species not a lot of people are familiar with. The best time suitable for fishing in Bardia is between October to April.

Bird Watching Tour

Nepal is blessed with a vast array of exceptionally rich bird life. A diverse topography and climate has resulted in a variety of habitats within the country, which are home to over 10% of the Worlds total bird population.Bird watching in Bardia can be done by walking around the community forest, river habitats and open areas.

Tharu Culture Program

Dances in different traditional costumes and different genre of music are performed by local Tharu dance troupes of Bardia. So, along with the happening trip of Bardia and experience of observing the nature and wildlife of Bardia, you can also enjoy the cultural tharu program organized by Jungle Heaven Hotel and Cottage in Thakurdwara.

Karnali River Rafting

About 30km drive from Thakurdwara, Bardia will take you to the karnali river, which is known for its large volume of water inhabited by the critically endangered Gangetic dolphins, soft-shelled turtles and Masheer fish, the gharial crocodile and many more. It is also known as one of the finest big volume rafting and kayaking trips in Nepal-spectacular.

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